Preventative Maintenance—A preventative maintenance schedule will help stop breakdowns and failures that can be more costly to you in the long run.

Standby Generator Systems—A power outage doesn’t have to stop your business in its tracks. A standby generator system will keep your business running after a utility outage.

Building Management Systems—A computer-based control system will monitor your building’s electrical equipment, including thermostat, lighting, fire systems and security systems.

Parking Lot and Exterior Lighting—Outside lighting is all about a sense of security, for you and your employees.

Contract Maintenance—If you’re looking for maintenance for a specific period of time or have a one-time maintenance project, give us a call.

Electrical Installations—We can assist you with all your electrical installations: wiring, fire and security systems, power distribution and more.

Fire Alarm Systems—Let us install the wiring and equipment for your fire alarm system.

Lighting Specialists—We can light up anything from a room to an entire building using our extensive knowledge of lighting solutions.